Veskaasa "Jai'galaar" Ordo

Strill Squad Pilot


Female Human Deployment and Extraction specialist. The youngest member of the group, childish adrenaline junkie. Has hero worship for the three veteran squaddies that didn’t become a betraying piece of bantha poo-doo.


Veskaasa was in an imperial officer program on mandalore. When she found out about the slave testing, she got data out to the old mandalorian resistance. She was found by Striil squad during their raid, about to be executed. We rescued her and has since became a loyal, if clingy member of the team. Her imperial training has helped us elude the imperials on many occasions. For her part in removing the imperials from mandalore, she was taken in by clan Ordo.

Veskaasa "Jai'galaar" Ordo

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