Vetani "Beskar'verd" Skirata

Strill Squad Tech Specialist


Female Zabrak specializing in field engineering and sabotage. Tough, hard as nails and doesn’t take shit from no one, however, beneath that surface veneer is a softy that cares for her team.


As written by Riw’taso: Vetani… she and I go way back. We where in the same group of training as children, her code-name springs from what toys we where allowed. All throughout this, our different methods often made us butt heads. She takes a more analytical approach, thinking of every possible outcome before acting. She is the one who keeps our gear in working order and created my custom blaster canon. Despite our rival history, there is no one I would rather have by my side… I care about her.

Vetani "Beskar'verd" Skirata

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